Master (MSc.) thesis

Reterritorialisation in Practice 

The territorial reconfiguration of Bilbao


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As result of globalisation, cities become hubs of global circulation of goods, people, money, capital and commodities. In order to support this accelerated circulation, cities tend to experience a reconfiguration and re-scaling of their local-territorial organisations. In other words, a reterritorialisation of their economies y urban spaces. In theoretical terms, reterritorialisation is “intrinsically” connected to cities where globalisation unfolds. However, due to the global scope of the process, frameworks for its exploration has been essentially theoretical. In this regard, one problem has been to find empirical data for supporting a theoretical description –or contradict it–, and hence provide more accurate information on how cities are being reconfigured by globalisation. Thus, this study provides empirical data which involves reterritorialisation to the construction of key transport and communication infrastructures for urban-regional integration, such as underground, highways, ports, airports and railways. Likewise, these infrastructures enable the re-scaling of urban economies and spaces such as industrial services and urban-regional areas respectively. On this basis, the case of Bilbao is explored as unit of analysis which reveals, while confirming several theoretical elements, that in spite of supranational agencies or international capital do not play a significant role into urban development, a city can achieve some global integration.

Keywords: Reterritorialisation, Re-scaling, Globalisation, Bilbao

Sandoval, V. (2011) Reterritorialisation in Practice : The territorial reconfiguration of Bilbao, Thesis (M.Sc.), Technische Universität Berlin.


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  • Sandoval, V. (2011) Reterritorialisation in Practice : The territorial reconfiguration of Bilbao, Madrid: Bubok Publishing, S.L. ISBN: 978-84-90091227 Bubok»