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REDER – Journal of Latin American Studies on Disaster Risk Reduction

REDER (ISSN: 0719- 8477) specializes in disaster risk reduction with interest in broadly discussing the various stages of socio-environmental processes that contain it. The journals inaugural issue, published in July 2017, includes research done in Latin America where we can find themes that examine risk management in areas with historic heritage in Costa Rica and post-disaster territorial planning in Chile, among others. I am one of the founders and editors with Claudia Gonzalez-Muzzio.

Website: – @revistareder


REUK – Network of Chilean Researchers in UK

REUK (Red de Investigadores y Estudiantes Chilenos en UK) initiated in 2013 as a meeting point for several Chilean societies and related academic initiatives (established mainly within academic institutions) across United Kingdom. As other networks of Chilean researchers worldwide, REUK aims  to strength the academic and scientific exchange between Chile and UK. As one of its founders in 2013, I collaborate voluntarily as General Director and communication officer until May 2015.




ChileGlobal Seminars UK

ChileGlobal Seminars UK (former named ChileGlobal Seminars London) is a series of seminars jointly and initially organized by Chileans studying and working in the UK, part of the UCLU Chilean Society, LSESU Chilean Society and ChileGlobal. The aim of these seminars is to discuss, disseminate and share what other Chileans are researching in the United Kingdom and the impact of this in Chile. Non-Chilean researchers are also invited to present if their topics are related to Chile. As initial founder I was one of the promotors of these seminars (2012-2014) before ChileGlobal decided to sponsored.




Red Encuentros – Paris 2012 and Santiago 2014:

Since 2006, the Encuentros conferences have been held annually in different countries around the world and have served as a platform for interaction for Chilean students and professionals working abroad, their counterparts in Chile, and foreign students and professionals interested in exchange and collaboration with our country. Between 2010 and 2012 (in Paris), and during 2014 (Santiago) I collaborated as Programme director.

Website: http://www.redencuentros.orgParis 2012»Santiago 2014»

Interview recorded for the TV documentary ‘Encuentros 2012: Conectando mentes en Paris’ by Canal13 (Chile).


UCLU Chilean Society:

The UCLU Chilean Society aims to become the meeting place for all UCL members who are interested and/or connected to Chile’s culture, history or identity. This society provides an amazing opportunity to learn and share common experiences about Chile and to introduce the country to members with no knowledge of its delights and ways of living. Ultimately, the society is a platform for the transmission of Chilean traditions through open activities, social events and academic lectures and talks. During its first year (2012), I worked as Communication officer and currently I collaborate with the organisation team in different projects until 2015.




GeodChile Ltda.:

GeodChile Ltda. started in 2007 as a spin-off company within the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad Católica de Temuco (UC-Temuco) in Chile. We were a team of students and professionals interested on regional applications of Earth Browsers. During its time, we developed several projects on designing virtual environments, displaying spatial information, and managing geo-spatial data to private and public institutions. After its launch in 2007, alongside my four partners, I worked as Project manager, Chief manager, and Legal Representative, until 2012 when we decided to close the company.




Design Centre at UC-Temuco:

The Design Centre at UC-Temuco is a department for design entrepreneurship that elaborate and implement design projects in order to improve the user’s quality of life. Likewise, the Design Centre collaborate with institutions and organisations to achieve their goals through promoting the design as a developmental tool. On the other hand, the Design Centre supports the School of Design at UC-Temuco in order to promote entrepreneurial thinking among students. The Design Centre started as a project presented by Marcos Gonzalez and Vicente Sandoval to the former School Director Mr. Daniel Ferrera Leiva in 2007. During my time there (2008-2009), I worked as Centre coordinator and project manager.

Website:»Alternative link»



Logoverde (.cl) was a business project with my colleague and friend Amancay Nahuelpan in the field of graphic and product design. oriented its work to improve products and services of companies and institutions in the La Araucania Region in Chile. We combined research, analysis, technology and design. Between 2004 and 2006, we developed websites, posters, furniture products and 3D modelling.



Edición D:

Edición D was a printed scholar-magazine developed by students of the School of Design at UC-Temuco. This magazine started with the objective to become a ‘space of discussion’ for design students and lecturers. The magazine published 5 editions from 2003 to 2005. Within Edicion D, I worked as director, designer and content editor.