This section will contain information related to the PhD fieldwork in Chile (it includes visits to Santiago, Puerto Montt, and Chaitén). The field-trip to Chile was an essential part of the PhD thesis due to crucial data and sensitive information can be only collected by in-depth interviews and in-place observations. As a result of, the field-work plan was elaborated in order to ensure the correct using of time and resources (image below).


The fieldwork plan is also available in a Merlin’s web version»

State presence in Chaitén by government offices

In one of my visits to Chaitén I mapped all government buildings that returned after the volcano eruption in 2008, and when the Sebastian Piñera administration decided to lift the ban over Chaitén in 2010. The following map allows to visualise 20 geo-referred place marks of government buildings in the city. As noted, the presence of the State in the North sector accentuate the differences with people living in the South, facilitating vulnerable conditions and risks.

The observation was conducted between March and July 2013 and include description cards for each building (please click on the place marks).


Note: This map was produced using Fusion Tables (Google Drive data visualization web application) and Google Earth.