In that section I put some audiovisual material related to the PhD thesis.

Documentary “Las huellas del Chaitén” (Traces of Chaitén).

‘Las huellas del Chaitén’ portrays the story of three families who have to start a new life dinstant from the place where they were born, Chaitén. Produced by Imago Producciones»


Documentary “Chaitén: ¿Por qué resistimos?” (Chaitén: Why do we resist?)

Abstract:An ethnographic study presented as documentary directed by María Elisa Sáez about the Chaitén’s families that decided to stay in the city after the volcano eruption in 2008.

Documentary “Chaitén después de la erupción” (Chaitén after the eruption)

A journalist work funded by the Ministry of the General Secretary of Government about the current reality in Chaitén; what do they lack, why do they project and how do they plan to do.

The ethnography of disasters


For Sandrine Revet, we need to move beyond statistics to see the ethnographic side of disasters. It is a necessary step if we are to understand their effects not only on public policies, but also on the behaviors and beliefs of the populations they affect. In the following interview, she examines the current revival in Disaster Studies and explains how they have come to be structured as a field. Sandrine Revetby laviedesidees