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Academic events and exhibitions

  • 2nd Virtual Roundtable UCL Chilean Society ‘Nueva institucionalidad para la gestión de riesgos y emergencias en Chile’, 10 August 2015, Berlin, Cambridge, and Santiago. Role: Organiser and Chair. Sponsored: UCL Chilean Society, REUK, and ChileGlobal. Location: Google Hangout On Air from Berlin. Links: ChileGlobal» – Video»
  • REUK’s Annual General Meeting, 15 May 2015, London, UK. Role: Planning, logistics, and advisory. Sponsored: ChileGlobal, UCL Chilean Society. Location: University College London. Links: http://agm.reuk.orgChileGlobal»
  • 1st Virtual Roundtable UCL Chilean Society ‘Is Chile well prepared for disasters?’, 14 April 2014, London, Berlin, and Santiago. Role: Discussant and organiser. Sponsored: UCL Chilean Society and ChileGlobal. Location: Google Hangout On Air from London. Links: Urban Controversies» – PDF» – Video» – ChileGlobal»
  • ChileGlobal Seminars UK on ‘Disaster, Emergency and Reconstruction’, 14 November 2013, London, UK. Role: Coordinator and presenter. Sponsored: ChileGlobal and UCL Chilean Society. Location: The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Links: UCLU» – Book Chapter» – Video»
  • Urban Change in Iran Conference 2012, 8-9 November 2012, London, UK. Role: Advisory. Sponsored: UCL-Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, UCL-Development Planning Unit, TU-Berlin, Oxford Brooks University, and others. Location: Wilkins Building, University College London, UK. Links: http://urban-change-in-iran.org – PDF»
  • Encuentros Conference Paris 2012, 4-6 July 2012, Paris, France. Role: Programme director. Sponsored: Red Encuentros, Fundación Ciencia para la Vida , Fundación Imagen de Chile, UPMC and Sorbonne University, Canal 13C, El Mercurio, and others. Location: Faculty of Medicine, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France. Links: encuentros2012.com – Documental Canal 13C» – PDF» – PDF2»
  • ExpoDédalo – Grupo de Alto Rendimiento de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la UC-Temuco, 9 November 2007, Temuco, Chile. Role: Design and logistics. Sponsored: Faculty of Engineering at UC-Temuco. Location: Aula Magna UC-Temuco. Links: UC-Temuco Noticias» – PDF»
  • Primera Feria del Mueble del Territorio Valle Araucanía ‘Cultivando espacios para vivir mejor’, 16-18 November 2007, Temuco, Chile. Role: Design and logistics. Sponsored: Territorio Valle Araucanía, UC-Temuco and SERCOTEC (Chile). Location: The City Theater of Temuco, Chile. Links: La Opiñon» – PDF»
  • Primera Feria de Diseño de la Escuela de Diseño de la UC-Temuco, 28 August – 02 September 2004, Temuco, Chile. Role: Design and coordination. Sponsored: Universidad Católica de Temuco. Location: Aula Magna UC-Temuco. Links: UC-Temuco Noticias» – PDF»


  • 1st Regional Expo of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology in La Araucania Region, 25-28 November 2008, Temuco, Chile. Role: Company stand with GeodChile Ltda (3D Modeling technology and geo-localization). Organiser: CORFO Chilean Economic Development Agency and UC-Temuco. Location: Menchaca Lira Campus at UC-Temuco. Links: CONICYT Chile»WebArchive (alternative)» – PDF»
  • 3rd Young Design Competition/Exhibition, 22-23 Septiembre 2004, Santiago, Chile. Role: Exhibitor with ‘Dual’, a furniture designed by Vicente Sandoval and Marisol Varas. Organiser: Universidad Mayor, Corporación Cultural Las Condes, and the French Embassy of Chile. Location: Corporación Cultural Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Links: Culturallascondes.cl» – UC-Temuco Noticias»Photo gallery Flickr» – PDF»
  • 3rd Furniture Design Competition at ExpoMueble 2004, 30 Abril – 02 de Mayo 2004, Temuco, Chile. Role: Exhibitor. Organiser: Universidad Católica de Temuco and Sociedad de Fomento Agrícola de Temuco A.G. (SOFO). Location: SOFO Exhibition Park, Chile. Links: UC-Temuco Noticias» – PDF»